Gpu Riser Cable Card Upgrade Blue PCI-E 1X to 16X

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Item Description: PCI-E 1X to 16X Adapter USB 3.0 USB Riser Cable Flex Flexible Extension Cable w/ Molex 6 Pin Power Connector
Used or New: New Pin Pack
Condition & Age if Used: 10/10
Price: 1200 Rs
Negotiable: Y / (if more Quantity buy)
Location: Lahore (Punjab)
Mode of Delivery : ( Optional ) Dewoo Express ,TCS Shipment, Leopards Courier buyers will pay fee .( all over Pakistan).

Use For Multiple GPU in Motherboard (PC) and Multiple GPU Mining Rig Frame

Fixable board with 6 holes available on PCI-E 16X side to fix PCI-E 16X connector on motherboard for more convenient management for graphics card.
Thin and fast USB 3.0 cable available to connect PCI-E 1X and PCI-E 16X sides for more free installation and faster data transfer for graphics card.

Molex 6 pin power connectors available for more stable operation for graphics card while mining.
Install PCI-E 16X device to PCI-E 1X slot freely according to dimension and position of motherboard and case.

One end is PCI-E 16X female and another end is PCI-E 1X male.
USB cable length: 60cm.
Package content:
1X PCI-E 16X Connector Board w/ Molex 6-Pin & USB 3.0 Connectors.
1X PCI-E 1X Connector Board w/ USB 3.0 Connector.
1X USB 3.0 Cable.
1X Molex 4 Pin Power to SATA 15 Pin Power Cable.

What is Gpu Rig Mining ? Is it Profitable in Pakistan

Definitely Yes its a profitable in Pakistan because 300 to 500$ is a perfect income for those who did not work and want to work online. Its a great opportunity for Pakistani buyers. Gpu is professionally called a computer graphic card, who are using in gaming purpose but now a days some techincal persons and miner used this graphic card for minig solutions. Mining is a very profitable work, in this situation if the rig run in 24 hours then generate handsome profit. So many different type of graphic cards in availabe in online market but we have collect high quality speed gpu’s for our customers.

In past some moths miners used only bitcoin like s2, s3, s4, s5, s6, s7 but these type of antiminer’s difficulty day by day increasing therefore s9 antiminer in the market. Gpu rig is very difficult vs antiminer because this rigs running on lifetime period. In our point of view anti miner it’s a now old version because when did difficult it increase anti Miner working stop and then they make new brand model on ASIC script. So let’s talk about GPU Rig and how its work . If you purchasing the machine the machine does not work all of you it will mine the coins and your coins go to on your wallet. In this way your investment secure and easy If you have electricity and Internet connection for 24 hours. So this is a very easy way to earn Bitcoins etherium and other coins for more information visit our site and our WhatsApp number on the top of the screen.

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